Bullet Shut Off Mid Roast - No Power Up

Hello all, I’ve been roasting for about a year and have really gotten into the groove roasting with the Bullet. However today I was about 3/4 of the way through a roast when it just shut off, no error message or anything. Bullet will not power back on. I clean regularly and always sure to empty the chaff. Not exactly sure what I did…I’m hoping it’s not a dead PCB.

I have roasted a lot but well below the 100kg/month recommendation from AIllio. I have reached out to support but haven’t heard any response yet.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

I searched topics, so forgive me if I missed this posted elsewhere.

Can’t shed any light on the cause of your problem but please keep us posted on what you find out.

Thanks, will do. I did make contact with Aillio asking for some info.

is there a bluu light something from under the mashine where the mail pcb is

There is not. No activity whatsoever.

have u heard from aillio

I have received contact. They suggested tightening the power plug terminals and if they were tight, the Induction module has likely failed. I sent a bunch of photos back for reference. and now I wait again. More to come, bummer that the time difference is so severe, I guess I have to burn some midnight oil.

Hello, Im using the bullet since august. I’ve something similar. Since a few months the roast stops halve way, no heating. Machine has still power. I can do everything except heating. When I shud down and start again it works again. Could it have something to do with the ambient temperature (31dgr South Africa)

No, it shouldn’t be an ambient temperature issue as I roast indoors and vent the the outside. And I’ve attempted to restart. numerous times now and still nothing.

(Still waiting on AIllio, as they are off for the weekend)

This is a different issue. Please contact Aillio and have them check your logs. Please help with a comprehensive description of when it happens and if you can add links to profiles when it happened.

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I heard from AIllio Sunday night and Sweet Maria’s Monday AM . The Induction Module failed, and a new one is on it’s way. Bummed to be down for so many days, but Aillio and Julio from SM’s have been helpful. Can’t wait to get back up and running.

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“Infant mortality” is a PITA but a part of life. In my case it was an exhaust fan motor and the IBTS fan within a month or so of seasoning the roaster. All quickly taken care of and essentially the end of my hardware issues.

I later replaced the control board and the power board but that was an upgrade V1.5 → V2. Hope it goes well moving forward. PB replacement should be a breeze since you won’t have to cut harness wires!


Please check your plug. Does it show signs of electrical arcing? If yes, the carbon deposits cuts of the contact with the mains and that is when the roaster shuts off. Earlier on (the first few months of getting my Bullet - circa early 2020), I used an adapter since the plug was a different type from our sockets and I had that issues. Ever since I removed the plug and connected the wires directly to my UPS terminals, the issue has stopped recurring.

A very late response I know, but if it helps, why not…