Bullet Versions

I seem to have missed something along the line… can someone explain the difference between V1, V1.5 and V2 (US models)?


Can I (should I) upgrade from V1.5 to V2?


V1 has the earlier ir sensor
V1 & V1.5 share the same power board design
V1.5 & V2 share the same ir sensor (IBTS) [differs from the V1 sensor]
V2 has the newest power board design

Should you upgrade from V1.5 → V2? If your V1 power board in your V1.5 is controlling power, there really is no functional need. As I understand it, the V1 power board used in V1/V1.5 is a little less efficient, but it gets power to the induction coil just fine. I upgraded to the V2 power board in hopes of resolving what was thought might be a comm issue (the suspicion was a fault in the comm section of my power board), but that issue remains. And the s/w doesn’t care which board is there as long as it responds to power commands.


Thanks Bruce. I’m not having any issues (that I am aware of) so I’ll just stay fat, dumb, and happy with what I have.


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