Bullet wont connect to RoasTime

I am using an old laptop, on which I have loaded Roastime 2.0.8. When I connect the Bullet via USB I hear a little ‘blip’ sound, so I know that it is connected to the laptop in some form. However, RoasTime states that the Bullet is disconnected. This was with Windows 7; I upgraded to 10, and have the same deal.

I updated the firmware on the Bullet by connecting it to my wife’s MacBook, on which the Bullet does successfully connect.

Any ideas on how to make my old lap top work with this thing?

Try to use the “force update drivers” function in the tool bar.

“Force Update drivers” worked for me, but REMEMBER to leave the cable plugged IN the Bullet. Quite unlogic for me but it works when the pc is attached to the Bullet :slight_smile:
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The force update drivers did work for me. Thank you!