Cancel overlay, replay or recipe modes

When I first selected overlay or replay mode (and same for recipe) I couldn’t understand why the Cancel or Overlay Off/On links on the roaster control page didn’t have any effect. Then I realized you have to actually be running in Roast mode, Preheating or even just Idle won’t work.

To my accident prone mind, if I selected any of these and changed my mind, this should work in Idle and Preheat mode, not just already in Roast.

Feel free to disagree with my suggestion and make me cycle through to Roast to cancel :wink:

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I’m with Stuart on this - I clicked on Replay and Overlay just to see what happened and then discovered I was stuck in that mode with no way out. This does not make sense to me…

If you cycle to Roast from PreHeat you can cancel overlay or recipe which I understand you might also want to do once roasting was underway but you should be able to cancel it as an “ooops” under PreHeat.

I’m still not seeing how to create a recipe from a previous roast profile…doesn’t seem to have changed in the 2.3.1 Beta from last night. Maybe I’m missing something…

Also, am I missing something or is it impossible to both see a past roast and run recipe mode? It seems reasonable to both want temperature controlled actions and to be able to see how it compares to last time.

Good point. That sounds like a useful feature to have.