Cannot load Roastime 3.4.1 or Roastime 4


I was roasting earlier this morning, but this afternoon for some reason my Roastime 3.4.1 (which is what I usually use) has stopped working.

When I launch the app, it just gives me a white screen.

Saw on the website that 3.4.1 is no longer being supported, so tried Roastime 4. After downloading… The application will not launch at all.

Any ideas?


Hey @harmonycoffeeroaster - this was a data issue that happened to a few people using RT3. You can fix it by opening the Terminal application and running rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/RoastTime and rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/roastime which clears out all the files, then installing RT3 or RT4 (recommended).

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Hey @harmonycoffeeroaster, I’m following up to see if Matthew’s recommended suggestion fixed this for you. I’d also like to ask where did you find the download link for RoasTime v4? Did you also see a white screen for RT v4?


Hey @harmonycoffeeroaster - wanted to follow up here. Did your issue get resolved and were you able to get the latest versions?

Hey yes I managed to get it fixed by deleting everything and reinstalling