Can't add name of roast or beans after roasting

My understanding is that when I end a roast by pressing the PRS button, the screen should show “your roaster is cooling” and the option: “go to last roast”. When pressing this option, I am supposed to see a “edit” button in the upper right and options to “name the roast” and “select the bean”. I am seeing none of this.
Any suggestions?

Hmm I don’t think I have ever seen that either and it seems the only time I can edit those is while at edit profile or edit previous profile from the active roast screen. I would like to be able to do what you describe.
Also it seems that if I finish a roast and go into shutdown the current profile just goes away before I get a chance to populate with roasted weight.
It doesn’t get saved and it’s as if I never did that roast.
I’m wondering if I’m missing a save cue or something?

I often edit the current profile in the active roast screen, as above. But often when in cooldown, I will edit the roast in the “roast” screen. You can edit the pre and post weights right in the line. The three dots at the end of the line lets you choose the edit screen where you can update all of the roast data. Sometimes I just do it all later. The roast does get saved so long as I finish the roast to the cooling stage before shutting down the PC.

Ok thanks. I have done that before but it seemed like if I’m finished roasting and hit the PRS button and begin a shutdown of the roaster I will lose that profile and any chance to make edits. Note that this is before I would do a shutdown of the PC.
Seems strange that just starting a shutdown of the bullet could cause that in the SW.
i’m new with this but I could swear I did a couple roasts that didn’t save a profile. Maybe something else happened?
I’ll have to try and finish any edits first and keep an eye on that.

I’ve owned my bullet for over 2 years and am an amateur who gets average to amazing outcomes with coffee. The issue happens to me occasionally and I reboot often and either the recipes are gone forever or eventually the program fixes itself through updates or just rebooting and time. I have contacted bullet makers and they are responsive. I sometimes respond to them and the issue resolves itself.

So I found out through doing a dummy roast test that a profile won’t get saved if the roast is under 5 minutes and an error flashes up stating this “profile not saved” where it normally says profile saved. I missed seeing it on the roast with no profile. When I originally had the issue I was trying to do a small 200 gram test batch and it cracked on me quicker than expected and I had to end it before the 5 minute minimum time. Normally I doubt I’ll be doing something quite that fast anyway but it had me puzzled.