Can't Install RoasTime 4 in my Windows 11 laptop

We just recently bought the bullet R1 V2, and I can’t install the RoasTime 4 application.
After a few minutes, a window will show up that the program is not responding.
Please someone help me.

Is this what you d/l’ed and tried to install… ??

If this is what you used and the install failed you may need to contact Support at…


ps- Fwiw, I’ve successfully used the first link above to install RT4 on my Win11 laptop several times. Seems unlikely these days but I suppose there’s a chance that the file was corrupted during d/l. If you want to try a do-over, be sure to uninstall RT4 first: Windows Control Panel → Programs, then click “Uninstall a program” and find RoasTime in the list.

Are you sure the usb drivers got installed properly? I’m stretching my memory here, but I think I had to force the drivers to install on my Win11 laptop. You might uninstall the software and try again paying close attention to the driver install.