Can't save recipe after last RT update, both Mac and PC


Last night I updated the RT on my Mac, and now on the PC, I can’t save any edited recipes anymore. The save button is not working; it was working before the update.

I have no idea what the problem is but one thing that has solved so many unknown problems on my Mac and iPhone is to reboot. If you leave the bullet running and ready, cycle its power too.

Cheers. Michael

Hey @lupo - can you send one of the recipes you are trying to update?

The workaround was to reinstall the PC version without updating it. Then, I could edit and save my recipe.

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Log in | Roast.World Here is the saved recipe after I reinstalled the PC version.

I have this problem as well. Seems to be a bug.

Hey all,

Thanks for reporting, we’ve released a fix in client v1.120.0 that should resolve this.

Can you try again after updating and let us know if you’re still experiencing the issue?

Thank you. The update resolves it.