Can't save roast info

I am using RT 2.5.0 and firmware on my Bullet v1.5. Formerly, at the end a roast I was prompted to enter the name of the bean and other roast info. Lately, the roast info window does not come up. At the end of a roast, the graph continues to display and not offer the window that I previously got to enter info. Advice appreciated

Click “Edit.”

For me the edit button only shows up after roast is dumped . Sure would be cool to be able to edit (like name, ambients, green wt and like) during roast since I haven’t figured out how to do it before roast starts.

This no longer show up after bean dump for me

I have yet to be unable to edit the name but I can edit certain things but not others. I am unable to edit the times for first crack, second crack, etc. Often the program “click” FC for me even though I have the mouse on yellowing. When I go to edit later, it says NaH NaH and doesn’t allow.

What s/w & OS?

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Latest version of Roasttime 2 on a laptop running Windows 10 1903.

What I’m running. About to charge the roaster so I’ll be on the lookout for edit issues.

Btw, I save all prior RT versions so I can go back to a known-working version if I have to. You might want to think about that.

Post-roast edit: Ran fine. No trouble editing in RT. You do have to leave the Current Roast screen and select the Roast History to find a just-completed roast. Click on the new roast (labeled “Untitled”) then click Edit. Whatever is going on in Current Roast, e.g. preheating or even a just-started roast, will continue while you edit your roast.