Can't seem to get this machine to roast 1kg in a reasonable time frame


Per Julio at Sweet Maria’s, the boards will be available “soon” and will be available for purchase by current owners when in stock. At the time he said that (early Mar?), he thought as early as the end of April if their evaluation went OK. That date has come and gone. Also it involves SM ordering/stocking sufficient spares as well as the boards being available from Aillio. So there’s multiple players involved. I too am interested in what the current estimate is for availability from the source.


@jonas, how much more power is available with the EU V2 board? Is it still higher power than the NA version?

Also, does it still have a C13 receptacle for the power cord?

I’m considering getting 240V/30A @60 Hz run for my roast space. If I can find the right power cord, that will work, right?


I did calibrate the fan already after the firmware that it was released on (forget right now what version it was but it was maybe 3 weeks ago)… It did help some but I still use my my old fluid bed roaster when I do 1kg roasts for the time being.

I’m looking forward to using the Aillio for my 1kg roasts! I am positive that the extra 15% head room from the v2.0 upgrade is all I need for 1kg roasts of my natural processed Ethiopians :slight_smile:


@bab Thanks for that Sweet Marias info on the parts. Good to know they have plans to stock and sell them. I’ve moved back from doing a couple of large roasts to several 1lb’rs for now and I’m in no hurry. I just roast for personal consumption and the occasional gift-roast. The new V2 heater with 15% more power is a good thing and I love that Aillio has a retrofit mentality. Very refreshing! :sunglasses:


Trying to catch up on this thread - I need to dig out my Kil A Watt and see what we rate here with the load of the machine on a 1 kg roast profile, but I know we are at about 122.5 v without a load when I test it. As for the new boards, this has been a very long process to get into production on the 110v version, and I understood from an email last week they are being built in regular production now, not beta. One of the first early versions released to a customer had issues (was wiring likely, not the board) and that just arrived for repair. We didnt supply that board so really dont know anything about it, and have not received any here ourselves. So thats an update as of today where we are at! We will stock them as soon as they are available!


If it’s like the IBTS kit for retrofit I wouldn’t have a problem with ordering it direct from Aillio once available - I’m sure Sweet Marias doesn’t need to get into the roaster parts business with all that would entail. The shipping from Taiwan was super fast with DHL - my IBTS arrived from there on the same day my R1 arrived from its previous owner in Arizona.

Again I applaud the Aillio design/production team for spending time thinking about retrofit of the new hardware capabilities. If the 220v board is available please let me know, I could use a 220v socket instead of my current 120v.


Thanks for the update! Unlike some here who do a lot of roasting, I don’t do large batches. So it’s not life-or-death to get the upgrade. From what I see from 4 months use, the V1.5 power board seems to do everything I need at the moment.



Thanks for jumping in here! You guys rock!