Change preheat power

Hi There,

Just wondering to know is that possible to change preheat power from p7 to higher power?

It’s take long time when you need higher temperature for large batch…

Thank you!

Preheat is auto-controlled by the roaster. I’m not aware of any way for the user to change anything except the target temperature.


I believe you can by creating a Recipe or using someone else’s Recipe. Also, you can change the default Preheat temp while the Bullet’s display says OFF. Then press the F1 button and press the A button till the display says PH and then press the HC buttons up or down to chose a different temp. Other than that, I have a question / post here about this too. I’d like to be able to just adjust it for each roast on the front panel of the Bullet.

A Recipe will allow you to choose a Preheat target, but nothing in a Recipe will adjust P/F/D settings till the target is hit and the roaster goes thru Charge to Roast. Once in Roast mode the operator can adjust P/F/D controls.