Changing indicated DT from IBTS to probe

Hi all, I have the probe set as the primary measure in the RT config settings, as I generally use it for controlling the roast. I have noticed recently (perhaps since an update?) that the indicated DT temperature during roasting is now based on the IBTS. It’s taken me a few roasts to work out what is going on; DT’s based on IBTS and the probe are quite different!

I am sure that previously the DT value was based on the bean probe temperature, and I have confirmed that my primary measure still remains to be the bean probe. Does anyone out there know if I can easily fix this?

Thanks, Dan

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This has been based on IBTS for quite a while, but the good news is that the next version coming out here soon has a fix for this so it will use your defined primary measurement.

Thanks for getting back to me - that is great news. It is really handy to see that figure displayed during the roast, saves you from some mental arithmetic … which isn’t as accurate as it once was :wink: