Charge temperature

A lot of users charge at 250°C drum temperature or above, isn’t it there a risk of scorching? Most roasting sources recommennd charging at end temperature or even lower. For me that would be 200°C. Thanks for help.

It depends :slight_smile:

Depends on batch size and drum speed. My 1-lb batches has a PH of 410F (210C). My 1-kg batches has a PH of 572F (300C) or 581F (305C). For all my initial drum speed is D7 with an increase to D8 at some point during the roast. At charge my initial P is at P5 or P6 for a bit of “heat soak”.

My rational for higher temp is because my 1kg batch I need to have enough temp for the bean mass and momentum to get to a medium-dark (drop temp around 425F BT) or dark roast (drop temp around 435-438F BT).

I’ve not had scorched beans roasting this way.

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I agree with @blacklabs

This is from the Aillio Bullet manual:

Another factor that I accomodate for is: The density of the beans. Higher altitude beans are typically more dense and don’t seem to scorch as easily.

Other brand drum roasters don’t have the IBTS setup and Drum temperature becomes a different variable.