My R1v2 quit yelling “Charge” much like Custer did at Little Big Horn. I should be happy, I suppose, she doesn’t want to speak to me, now that I read of extended PH times. I just wondered if it was something I said.

Or did.

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Probably the herbal tea you’re sipping… it’ll do it every time!

The Bullet doesn’t think you’ve hit the Preheat criteria apparently. As I recall the Preheat process the f/w sets power to P7 then moves between P3, P1 & P0 to walk the temp into the target. When you get that far it then tracks Bean Temp (the probe) till the readings meet a stability criteria (sorry… I forget the value). When stability is met it announces Charge.

A few things come to mind-

  • IBTS needs cleaning perhaps cuz chaff (or ??) is blocking some of the IR and f/w thinks you haven’t reached the Preheat target
  • there’s an issue with the probe that keeps f/w from seeing the stability criteria
  • I recall something about a f/w update somehow related to this… that was at least a year ago I think. Current f/w is 602. Are you close to that? If not you might consider an update.
  • and of course the remote chance the IR sensor of the IBTS (IBTS is what measures drum temp during PH) has failed.

And stop drinking that )(*&^%$ herbal tea… the Bullet can be sensitive!


Check the Settings menu (F1 button). The “SOU” setting controls sound volume. Maybe it’s off.

edit: Oh, just now noticed about the herbal tea. I agree with Bruce, try stopping that first.


I’m glad I got you two!

  • I did a “deep clean” barely a Kilogram ago, and believe I carefully cleaned around and in the IBTS pocket.

  • I’m with the stable firmware 591, but, can take a chance on some whacky herbal 602 firmware from Humboldt County.

  • My drum temps, and bean temps, seem spot on, and, the Bullet does hit Charge temp, PO, then move between P1-3/PO. But no yelling.


Oddly, last night, after posting this, a new problem arose, something like the Phoenix. I wanted to try a 30-45 minute PH. Partially because I wanted to, and partially because it was quite cool in my garage.

So, I went in the house to watch Old Yeller on the Disney Channel, and, drink herbal tea (my preference, African Rooibos, to get PeaO’d) and came back when Yeller was full grown. My very warm/hot Bullet, at 221°C, was making a metal-on-metal squeaking noise! Not a constant one, but, as if as about 90° of the 360° rotation was making contact. If I properly remember my coefficients of expansion, as applied to metals, in this case, stainless steel, it’s about .003096” of expansion. But where? (That’s what she said.) And, as it cooled, the so did the squeaking. (As with her.)

Now, I know this is a separate “ticket”, but, in your sage (non-herbal) ways, is it safe to roast with this squeak?

I anxiously await your swift reply.

Check the inside face of the front plate. You’ll probably see a streak of bare aluminum where the anodize has been rubbed off from contact with the drum. If you don’t, no matter. You still need to add some distance between the front edge of the drum and the face plate.

Check the little bag of goodies you got with the Bullet. There ought to be a couple spare spacers in the bag. The spacers look like washers but they are of different thicknesses for adjusting the space between the front of the drum and the face plate. Add (don’t replace any of the existing spacers) the thinnest spacer to the front of the drum shaft and give it another try. If it repeats the scrubbing, remove the spacer just added and replace it with a thicker one. Basically you want to sneak up on getting sufficient spacing. The consequence of too much space will be getting small beans between the drum and the face plate which will make a louder noise than the hot empty drum.

If this doesn’t work there may be lasting damage from all that herbal tea. Best to contact Aillio support for guidance… and possible intervention. You may even need rehab!




I did everything you recommended. In addition, I made sure that the platform on which it sits was completely level. At low temperature, I am able to hear, slightly, as the drum rotates, a rhythmic “humphhh”, the same rainforest-rhythm I was getting with the metallic impediment, but w/o the whine. Uh-oh, I thought. Onward.

“Upgrading to f/w 602” might not have really been an upgrade, as the Light Brigade “Charged!”, RoastTime failed to read my recipe, with D9 instead of D7, and the P7 never dropping to P6 and P5, or the fans increasing from F2 to F3-4&5 (all of which I did manually, when I figured out what was happening.) I didn’t extend the PH more than 8 minutes, and there was only the one roast, so, I’m not sure if the extra washer/spacer nixed the noise, or, if it just didn’t get as torrid. For now, let’s call it a win! If it starts up again, when I do two or three consecutive roasts, As Handel used to say, “I’ll be Bach.”

Assuming I’m out of rehab.

I’d bet a cup of Starbucks cheapest (do they even have anything that’s cheap?!) that the drum vs. front plate issue is done. But there could also be an issue with one or a combination of

  • drum belt tension
  • cog wheel alignment (since the drum is a tiny bit further back)
  • front bearing noise

Personally I’ve never had an issue with the front bearing in 3 years and it has gone thru many cleaning cycles where it gets wet with cleaning solution and roast junk. Others here have gone thru several in that same time so… ?? Seems more likely one of the other 2 may need investigating, As I recall there are instructions in the Bullet manual that covers belt tension adjustment and adjusting drum cog wheel (pulley).

That’s the first I’ve been aware of a Recipe issue popping up with f/w 602 (!) and that deserves waving a flag at @jacob Hopefully he’ll see this shortly.

Rain forest rhythms? Really? That could be an elf infestation. I Googled “How do you get rid of elves?” and got some ideas too cruel to repeat here!



I was going to use “jungle rhythms”, but, since I’m already systematically…uh…Carpathian, I didn’t want the MSRs to castigate me. And, “Rain forest rhythms” has an alliterative tone, similar to what my Bullet HAD.

I do NOT Google, for reasons you may infer from the previous paragraph. But I did DuckDuckGo the same query and was delighted to view a SmashUp of Will Ferrell’s “Elf” and “Talladega Nights”. The sight of Ferrell, with his elf ears, but only his underwear, believing he was on fire, running around frantically, whining, crying, and then, stepping in front of Jeff Gordon’s #24 Chevy at 202.4mph, had me, LOL.

Elf Spray.

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*MSRs — Main Stream Roasters

How could you insult her like that, shame on you🤣

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“The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is.”
— George Bernard Shaw