Checking in!

Hey Everyone

Amazing community, thanks for all the learning i’ve been able to do just by reading posts and threads.

I just got the bullet 3 weeks ago and would love any feedback you have on profiles. They all taste fine but I’m wondering if anyone sees anything in these that they’ve noticed in their own.

EDIT: Fixed the links. Thanks @itspaul


Z from VT

These links don’t work—you have to click on share in the little Actions drop-down menu.

Thanks! Fixed

If you choose the “< > Embed” option, then select the third option on the pop-up window “Roast World Community (720 x 440)” you can embed the clickable roast profiles right in your post, like this:

(I cannot do this for your recipe, you’ll have to do it yourself)

wow this is great! thanks

Are these 2 kg batches? (The embedded profiles don’t show weight but your bean temp tracks IBTS so well .) Are these the same bean? If so, I’d be interested to know how they compare, since the first roast had half the development time of the second, but both finished at nearly the same temperature.