Clean IBTS Notification

I wouldn’t mind if Roast Time would give you a notification on start up if you should perform standard cleaning (mainly of the IBTS lens for V2).

From a previous email I had with Aillio, it seems like they have a general temp gap that they expect to see between the IBTS and the traditional probe when pre-heating. Roast Time could recognize the minimum temp gap and store an internal flag for notifying the user on the next start up, or at the end of the roast session/during cool down. A simple notification pop up within the program would be great.


There’s an additional indicator: the difference between Bean Temp and Drum Temp at a specific Bean Temp. I use Bean Temp = 300°F and expect to see 45F° difference (depends to some extent on the beans). That difference diminishes as the IR sensor lens accumulates whatever crud gets in the way.

That difference, btw, was 65-70F° when my roaster was new (I checked my early roast profiles). No amount of cleaning will recover that difference so maybe there’s some transducer aging involved. Or perhaps a f/w change that adjusted IR sensor calibration… ??