Cleaning fixture for supporting the front panel during cleaning

After several iterations and feedback from multiple forum member, I am proud to announce the release of a fixture for supporting the Aillio Bullet front panel during cleaning. This has been a collaborative project with @billc , which really gave the project the energy it needed to get it done.

In summary, it is a 3D printed fixture that folds up for convenient, compact storage. It includes a place to hold the 6 screws you remove to take of the front panel as well as the hex wrench. As a bonus, it also includes two 304 stainless steel button head cap screws and an Allen wrench to install them. These screws replace the socket head cap screws that typically cause a bean to get wedged between the screw head and the bean probe.

I will have these available thru my Etsy shop. Lead times will get shorter as I get more material in and ramp up for production.


Nice job. Looks great!

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Nicely done @billc and @shane1 especially the screw holder. This will definitely help with cleaning that face plate. And that double slot to hold the face plate at different angles :+1:t3::clap:t3:

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Thanks. @billc did a great job putting the energy into this project to really get it going.

I am always afraid I am going to drop one of those screws when cleaning it and it will disappear, never to be seen again. I would normally toss the pieces into the cooling tray, but could also see myself carelessly pulling out the shop-vac to clean the cooling tray and sucking something up that I shouldn’t.

I have dropped screws while trying to hold the faceplate on with one hand and trying to start the (non-magnetic) screw, loose on the end of the Allen wrench with my other hand. then I had to put the faceplate down and find the screw and start over. Aligning the faceplate with the bearing, etc.

A friend was wathcing me do this one time and I told him that I was going to change out the stainless steel non-magnetic screws for screws that could be used with a magnetic allen wrench. He commented: “Well, that is not very sporting” :laughing:

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