Cleaning the Chaff Chamber

I’m noticing that the pull nib to get the chaff chamber off the Bullet is starting to get rather tight, and the inside of the chaff chamber itself could use a deep cleaning. Is there a good way to get to the inside? I’ve been using a flexible bristled brush to rub in there as deep as I can but I want to try really getting it ultra clean, but I don’t want to dismantle it in a way where I can’t put it back together again.

The six metal posts that align the chaff chamber are threaded. I was able to easily unscrew mine and remove the metal cover from the chamber. Then you’ve got easy access to scrape/brush/wash/vacuum. Hope yours is as easy. - Brad

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@jmacrae523 Here’s the Aillio video for maintaining the chaff collector (vs. the removable filter). Just a video that does nothing more than provide imagery of what Brad just explained.


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Thanks for the info! I had no idea the metal posts were simply threaded, I thought they were riveted. Can’t wait to give this thing a nice deep scrub.