Cleaning the front drum bearing


My drum has gotten kind of squeaky, and when I pulled off the front to clean the ir sensor, I pulled off the bearing and noticed it does not turn very easily, feels very gunked up. What is the best way to clean it? I assume soaking it in a cleaner will also strip any lubrication, should it be soaked in mineral oil or something similar? Thanks!


I don’t know how to do this actually. I would try with some coffee cleaner first. Then soak it in an oil with high smoke point - peanut oil etc.

These baring were chosen to be one of the most popular sizes, so you should be able to find them locally. Otherwise ask aillio to buy a few.


Thanks Jacob. I ended up first soaking it in Simple Green (readily available in the US) and after getting a LOT of residue off it turned quite easily again. To be safe, I then soaked it in some avocado oil, which as you suggested has a high smoke point and is food safe. Worked great when I replaced it, I’ll likely do the same to the back bearing when I have some time.

I’d note for anyone else trying this – after putting the bearing back and letting it run for a while, make sure you wipe any excess oil from both the outside AND the inside of the door.


I prefer to use a synthetic grease like Super Lube which is a little more stable and less prone to separating and running. It’s food safe and rated to 450F.


Thanks for the tip


what about 111 Compound from DC?


I use Super Lube as well.


Dow 111 is more of a thick silicon grease for o-rings, it might be too thick for lubricating bearings.