Cleaning the front drum bearing

My drum has gotten kind of squeaky, and when I pulled off the front to clean the ir sensor, I pulled off the bearing and noticed it does not turn very easily, feels very gunked up. What is the best way to clean it? I assume soaking it in a cleaner will also strip any lubrication, should it be soaked in mineral oil or something similar? Thanks!

I don’t know how to do this actually. I would try with some coffee cleaner first. Then soak it in an oil with high smoke point - peanut oil etc.

These baring were chosen to be one of the most popular sizes, so you should be able to find them locally. Otherwise ask aillio to buy a few.

Thanks Jacob. I ended up first soaking it in Simple Green (readily available in the US) and after getting a LOT of residue off it turned quite easily again. To be safe, I then soaked it in some avocado oil, which as you suggested has a high smoke point and is food safe. Worked great when I replaced it, I’ll likely do the same to the back bearing when I have some time.

I’d note for anyone else trying this – after putting the bearing back and letting it run for a while, make sure you wipe any excess oil from both the outside AND the inside of the door.

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I prefer to use a synthetic grease like Super Lube which is a little more stable and less prone to separating and running. It’s food safe and rated to 450F.


Thanks for the tip

what about 111 Compound from DC?

I use Super Lube as well.

Dow 111 is more of a thick silicon grease for o-rings, it might be too thick for lubricating bearings.

Did you open the metal seal of the bearing and put it back on after packing it with the super lube grease?

Just get new bearings. I bought a sleeve of 10 for ~$7.


Can you refer us to a source for the bearings and their specifications?

Try doing a search here or on the Facebook Aillio Bullet group.

I don’t have a bullet yet but it sounds like it’s the standard bearings that are used in skateboards as well. I used to take each one apart to clean them on my boards. The Bearing Shields come off and then you can use alcohol or de-greaser to to clean out any residue on or around the balls. The bearing shield can have a c-clip on some models.

You can fully dry the bearing with a hairdryer and then regrease with whatever suggestion you found here earlier. I don’t know myself yet what I would use.

This is a good article by Bones.

Skateboard bearings see a lot more dirt and grime than a roaster would…

Which, given you can buy a pack of ten for reasonably cheap, allows me to skip out on maintenance, by replacement…

Would you post a link to a replacement that you use please? I suspect the numbers are on the bearing body but I don’t trust my vision to get it right!


I believe it was these

My originals from Amazon are no longer available from the supplier I used but these appear to be a replacement. My Bullet has not yet imploded. YMMV.

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Great! Thx for that Stuart.


This is where I got mine. They work well:

uxcell Deep Groove Ball Bearing Double Shield 10mm x 22mm x 6mm Chrome Steel Bearings 10pcs


I’m up to 4000 roasts on my bullet and noticed the bearing is in need of replacement. If you’re in Canada, there are a lot of options available from Amazon. Here’s the link to the ones I ordered:

TOUHIA 22 x 10 x 6mm 6900z Sealed Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings(4 Pcs)

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Glad to hear your Bullet has made it to 4,000 roasts…and if the bearing has been the only problem that’s great! Nevertheless, that’s an incredible number of roasts. Based on my 200+ roasts, I should hit 4,000 in about the year 2058 :grin: