CO emissions from roasting?

Does anyone know if roasting on the Bullet emits CO (carbon monoxide)? If so how much? Somewhat random question but not sure if it is coincidence. I roasted on Dec 24 and again on Dec. 29. When I roast my vent hood is always on at least a setting of 3 or 4 (out of 5, and it is a 900 CFM unit) with kitchen window slightly cracked (too cold to fully open it), in addition to make up air via a “fan in a can” drawing air in through the basement into the house when the vent hood is on (building code requirement to have one in Massachusetts). My CO detector went off evening of Dec. 29. (about 7 hrs after roasting). AFAIK it is not my appliances or furnace. Because of that I decided to replace all my CO detectors (some were “expired” :sweat_smile:) to ones with a numerical readout (by Kiddie) … haven’t roasted since but I’ll keep an eye on it when I do. If anyone has information on this it would be good to know. I typically don’t roast twice in less than a week but was roasting a bunch to give away as gifts (total of 8 batches including 4x 1kg batches). I’m just curious about this…

Every roasting produces emissions.

Coffee roasting produces pollutants, mainly in the form of hydrocarbons (CxHy), which are hazardous to both health and the environment (VOCs, formaldehyde, NOx).

from: ReiCat-Katalysatoren - Abluftreinigung (Röstabgase) - Deutsch

During a coffee roasting process, organic decomposition products such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (organic C), water vapor, coffee skins as well as resulting gaseous air pollutant emissions up to 10g/m3 of exhaust gas are emitted, among others.

from: Emissionsgrenzwerte beim Rösten von Rohkaffee - Nachbrenner

@TUE Thanks for those references…good to know in general. I think the second paragraph at the your second link is particularly interesting as it states the amount per 1 Kg of greens.

When roasting, between 45 and 73 g of water, 50 to 110 g of organic compounds (total) and 15 to 35 g of other substances (inorganic gases, organic dusts, in particular coffee skins) are released per kilogram of green coffee [1].”

I’m just going to have to make sure my house is well vented if I am going to be roasting a lot, esp when I do multiple 1kg batches in a day.