Cocoa beans roasting

Is the Bullet suitable for Cocoa beans roasting? Anyone using it for this purpose?

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I am just assuming stuff here so I may be wrong but that sure sounds like an excellent way to void a warranty :stuck_out_tongue:

why should it void warranty

The instruction manual explicitly states that the Bullet should not be used for other than its intended purpose.

I would imagine that whether Aillio would honor the warranty or not for a machine used to roast things other than coffee beans would be entirely up to them.

Having said that, it appears Aillio is by and large run by benevolent sorts so…[shrug].


I’ve been waiting for a blog post from Sweet Maria’s on this topic. I’m still interested to hear anyone else’s experiences with or even just educated thoughts on roasting cacao into cocoa on the bullet.

I’m much less interested in the warrantee itself than in how cocoa might cause problems or require different preventative maintenance.

Only issue I’ve heard (either it was here or over on home-barista) that the height of the bean probe inside the drum is fine for coffee, but cocoa seeds can wedge themselves between the probe and the drum wall.


Thanks John! That was an usefull piece of information! Just in time before dropping my cacao beans into the bullet! XD
But just thinking at loud here; that problem seems quiete easy to fix. Wouldn’t it be fixed by simply temporarily removing the temp. Probe? -assuming it is possible to do at home. After all we will still have the IBTS sensor.
Let’s see, keeping you all informed if I manage to go further with this.

Seems to be that removing temporarily the probe might be an potion -if the software still allows you to roast even detecting that a probe is missing-

Here an useful video on changing the bean probe: Aillio bean temperature probe NTC | Roast Rebels

I am going to give it a try in a moth from now or something, if anybody who has burned his/her Aillio before wants to warn me, there is still time!



For your information, the Bullet will not heat up when the Bean Probe is unplugged. It will show ErC 2048.

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Thanks for the really usefull information Kevin!

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Thom Owen (Sweet Maria’s) on Cacao here.

Hi Kevin,

Is it possible to shorten this probe or get a shorter probe?


Modifying the Bean Probe would most likely damage it. This would show up as an error in roastime. What we have done so far (when modifying to cacao raosting) is to remove the bean probe but leave it connected. Obviously it is not reading the bean temp, but you will be able to roast the cacao beans. You just need to block off the hole where the bean probe was before.

Disclaimer: Any modding will break your warranty unless approved by Aillio, so you are on your own :slight_smile:

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