Coffee keeps a lot of chaff

Hey there, I’ve done about 10-15 roasts now, with final 2 really successful and tasty ones. I love it.

Now i tried new beans from Guatemala, but after I was done roasting, it keeps lots of chaff on beans themselves. Any idea how to get rid of it? Ideally a trick that could do it during the roast or shortly after.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Do you have excessive chaff attached to the beans or just mixed in the roasting results? If you have roasted for 15 batches without cleaning the Chaff Collector, you might need to empty the Chaff Collector and clean the Impeller. Here’s how to clean the Impeller:

Here are some maintenance guides:

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There’s something about chaff sticking to the beans here…

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It will also lead you to other topics that you’ll certainly want to explore. da_kevin’s advice should also help. Maintenance is THE most important part of Bullet ownership.

Chaff is mostly attached to the beans, but also some of it is in between (lose), not vacuumed by the chaff collector impeller. Thanks for references! :slight_smile: