Coffee Shipping - any recommendations?

I’ve looked at USPS Flat Rate priority,, and UPS but it looks like the cheapest way to send a 12oz bag of coffee is $8. That’s absurd! looks like over the long run it might be ok.

I also saw a USPS “commercial parcel” that was like $5.20 but it does not look like a person small biz can use that.

Does anyone have any recommendations for how best to ship to people?

Thanks coffee people!


Check out - you can get the commercial rate without being commercial…

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You need to be careful with the weight too. I was shipping out 12 oz bags, but with the box and other things the total weight came out to slightly over 1 lb and put me in a much larger shipping bracket.


Thanks, guys! I just signed up for Pirate Ship… I can’t believe I missed that one in my search. It really does seem to be the best option by a long shot.

@matthew I also was wondering about the total weight & wasn’t sure if the packaging needed to be included. I’m going to try to keep it under 1lb by using a padded mailer.

Yes, in the US as soon as you cross that 15oz threshold, it jumps to Priority Mail which means you can ship four bags for the price of two. So I offer a discount on four bags…


Matt - Look into USPS Regional Rate Boxes. If you have an online account with USPS you can get the boxes free. It’s somewhat similar to the Priority Flat Rate but regionally based (distance & size of box). I send 5 Lbs coffee from Virginia to upstate NY for something like $9+change ($9.20 I think). You have to use the USPS Regional Rate Box. The rates are available in the Click & Ship portion of the USPS website.

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Awesome - thanks, Jerry! I’ll check it out now - that’s definitely a better deal than the Flat Rate Medium Priority boxes. Much appreciated!


Similar question for Australia, anyone able to offer recommendations? I was looking at Aus Post, Shippit and Aramex (prev Fastway Couriers).

Is there any special packaging required or if you have a decent coffee packaging bag, you can just put in ordinary plastic satchel bag?