Cold brew recipe

Hi all ,

I normally follow the constant declining RoR profile method and roast for espresso (lighter side) or drip (more development and medium side) but have been really liking cold brew recently although I haven’t made a specific recipe for it.

When roasting for cold brew what styles are folks going for abs how does it differ from your drip or espresso recipe?

I haven’t roasted specifically for cold brew extraction, but I find I prefer a darker roast for cold brew or an ice drip brew (something I made up with the equipment I have based on other inspirations) because when you add ice to the brew for consumption the ice will further dilute the brew.

I have also found that a more darker/classic italian espresso roast has better results for cold brew. I think because cold water has less ‘energy’ to extract the solubles, having beans that are darker and have the compounds further broken down make it easier to extract.

I haven’t tried varying from the classing RoR decline to experiment for a cold brew specific roast profile though…keen to see what other people have tries though.

Maybe try going a few degrees further for your end temp without extending your development time? This might help with the extracting while avoiding getting a ‘baked’ flavour from spening too long in dev.

It’s interesting to roast for cold brew specifically as generally I put my 1st batch into my cold brew stash. The 1st roast is always a bit of a wild card !

So I’m going to try roasting a little longer and end at a slightly higher temp the next time around.

My usual roast profiles are
Espresso- max RoR of ~20-23, end RoR ~6 , time after FC ~1.30, Dev% 18-21
Drip- max RoR of ~20 end RoR ~3, time after FC ~2min Dev% 24. Just a little more drawn out than espresso
Filter/pour over - max RoR of ~20-23, end RoR ~6 , time after FC ~1.15 Dev% 14. Only really good coffee can handle this abs I don’t do it often.
Cold brew - going to try the drip profile but just a little longer after FC or maybe a higher end RoR.

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