Columbia Huila San Adolfo

Hey everyone. I’m mostly just celebrating that at 14 roasts in, I’m starting to gain some modicum of control over this beast. I’ve been roasting on a Behmor 1600 for about 6 or 7 years and the step up to the Bullet was pretty significant. I welcome any feedback. But really, this is the first time I’ve gone in with a game plan and had three roasts that performed pretty much as I was hoping.

My goal for these Columbian beans is a solid, medium roast. I was hoping to keep the ROR generally headed down, and to not hit FC too early. I also wanted to get to about 215C within a reasonable amount of time from FC to manage the development time.


Your last 3 roasts looks pretty good on paper - but the key is how does it cup and whether the cup met your expectations and that you like it or not. Let us know how it cupped.


Thanks. Won’t know until next weekend. Looking forward to it.

If you’re looking for something different to experiment with, try using less fan toward the end of the roast, maximum of F4 for example. You’ll need to cut power much more aggressively to compensate. I found that too much fan washes out the subtle nuance flavors and leaves the cup tasting a little bland. Would be eager to hear if you concur…


Will keep that in mind. Thanks.

Kindly let me know what the batch size was for this roast. Thank you

Hi. That would have been 500g. I only recently stepped up to larger roast sizes of 1kg.

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Brad, this is very much my experience as well. These days I find myself on F4 and P0 with the Bean Temp probe still increasing towards my goal end temperature about 1 minute or so after FC. Once within a degree of my goal temp, depending on ROR, I’ll punch it up to F5 if I know a flick is coming, but perhaps also if I need to further slow the ROR if it’s looking like I’ll overshoot my desired end temp. F6 for a hard stop if I need 5 or 10 more seconds of development and I’m just shy (or at) my goal temp. If I can hit all those targets while staying on F4 all the better.

When using P2, P1 and P0 however the IBTS doesn’t seem to provide as useful information as the temperature goes down in some cases often leaving me with a lower drop temperature than what it read 20 seconds prior. I still use IBTS for everything up to and including marking FC however.