Config question: What does phase enabled feature do?

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out an RT3 feature in the config section.
Under the Prediction section of Config, I have ROR config enabled.
I assume this is the dashed line that predicts where the ROR curve is headed.
My question is around the Phases enabled option. It has 3 phases you can enter, but not sure what this actually does. I was hoping this would show the estimated time to hit each of these phases, but if it is doing that I am missing it. Can someone explain the Phases enabled feature?


it displays the colour banding on the graph.

  • On my RT3 screen the lower field is green which ends at 330°F. That temp is where I expect to reach Yellow Point.
  • Above the green is the yellow area. That starts at 330°F and runs to where I expect to see 1Cs (first crack start) which is 401°F.
  • Above 401°F is the brown (?) area which covers 401°F to where I expect to drop the roast- 448°F

Those are the 3 phases- green (hasn’t reached Yellow Point yet), yellow (hit Yellow and on the way to 1Cs), and brown (1C has started and the roast is headed toward the finish). The R.W profile is-

… but in RT3 the display is a little different-