Configure graph sources


I couldn’t find it in search but it seems to me that as 99% of us have no Exit Temp probe, why is the graph plotting it and we can’t disable it ? In the “dark mode” it’s very annoying having a white line (which I can’t seem to change to another color) for no useful purpose. Is there a way to disable this that I missed ?

Another nag - I’ve suggested it would be incredibly helpful to save mental gymnastics on my part (and I’m sure I’m not alone) if RT could do a predictive curve on the BT and IBTS plots based on current RoR so that one could estimate when things like FC were likely to show up. It’s the one thing I miss most from using Artisan. Please please please please please look into it @jacob or @Matt_Yau

I appreciate you have finite resources so maybe you could update/replace Trello with some kind of poll on which features you could implement would be appreciated by the most people.


Thanks Stuart for bubbling these to the top again.

Yes… love to see the RoR-based Bean Temp estimated projection!

Absolutely! Great request.

re: blanking Exit Temp when it’s not installed would be great. In the mean time, in RT -> Settings -> Roast Settings; Exit Temp is the 3rd one down. I chose black (Light mode selected)… good enough till something better comes along!