Connections to the new Induction Module

Today i received my new Induction module, which was sent to me by Aillo after the error 256 appeared during Pre-Heating.

The electronic connections to the new Induction module are not matching, did anyone face the same issue and how did you solve it?

When I did the change in mid-2021 I found a document on the Aillio site under Support (I think! They may have included the doc in an e-Mail). If you don’t find it, ask Support cuz they have one somewhere. I was going from V1.5 → V2 (old power board to new power board; plus I replaced the control board at the same time). In my case I had to cut some wires in the bundle from the power board to the control panel. At this point I have no clue which wires they were nor if there is a need if you only change the power board.