Constant alarm after updating firmware Bullet R1 V1.5

Hi - Just started to season a new Bullet v1.5. Did one roast that went well. I saw the device was at firmware version of 432 or so ( didn’t write it down) and updated to v591. After the reboot and every time i power it up I get a what sounds like a quick beep then constant tone. The only way I’ve been able to clear it is to run the fan calibration. In the end it resets the tone. I’m good till I power it off.

Any suggestions? Can I load an older firmware version?


I’d suggest you contact Aillio Support and start a Trouble Ticket.


Will do - Thanks!

I’m having the exact same issue after updating the firmware today. Any luck solving this so far?

I did spend some quality time with tech support. I guess I was the first to come across this issue. They stated they’ll be looking into it and feel it should be fixed in the next (or beta) release of the firmware.

So as a side note - the tone gets resets after the fan calibration. Option 6 then up+down buttons on the fan selector. It takes 5-7mins to run through the process but you’ll be good after that.

Great, nice find! Did you mean 5-7 seconds? It only took me around 5 seconds to reset the alarm the way you described (did not have to run the fan calibration).

It does take 5-7 minutes for mine.

Not sure why but I’ve figured out a good routine:

  1. Turn on roaster outside
  2. Start fan calibration
  3. Close the door
  4. Let it annoy the neighbors
  5. Set up my roasting profiles
  6. Begin roasting.

FYI : New beta firmware 602 fixes the issue.


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