Control panel issue

Hi! Jacob
I am having trouble getting the control panel to work after turning on my Bullet.

I have tried manual bootloader but no beeps.

The SDA hole is blocked by metal, so the power was supplied by touching the metal over the hole.


I have connected it to Roast time 2.5.5, but I could not update the firmware.

Update is unable,

Please help.


Sorry to hear that.
Aillio support is in as better position to help you so please submit a ticket with them and tell them what happened. Are the fans spinning at startup, any sounds, and LEDs turn on or blink on the induction board etc. The better description and info you can give the faster they can help you.


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Thanks for the reply.
I do hear the fan on startup.
No spinning, no flashing of the induction board.
I have already contacted the supplier.
JACOB’s. I wanted to get an opinion on this so I posted this.

I would start by checking all the cabling to the control board and to the induction board.
And please be careful not to supply the SDA with power from some other pad, as this could very very easily damage the CPU.

Thanks for the reply.
Aillio - Manual Bootloader VIDEO and proceeded with the repair, but it was not fixed.
I asked the distributor to repair it. I hope it will be fixed.