Cooling Box Fan Not Working [Solved]

Hello. I just received my Bullet today and I’ve followed all of the instructions to set it up. Drivers loaded, RT installed and firmware updated. I ran a seasoning roast with RT and everything worked as expected except when it came to cooling time and the fan didn’t go on. I let the roaster cool down and then shutdown. I restarted it and cycled through hitting PRS to get to cooling and no go. I checked all of the wiring closely and it all looks fine. The connection to the roaster looks fine as well. Anyone have any ideas or is there something up with the fan? Cheers. :smiley:

The cooling fan should be running at slow speed when charging and roasting which may help you troubleshoot this issue.

Remove the filter and check that the wires are not tangled in the fan blades.

Thanks for the reply. I did remove the cooling tray several times to check the wires behind the filter and I don’t see any issues there. The connector seems fine and the wire are not tangled. I can spin the blade by hand but it just isn’t getting any power. I’m thinking one of three things: bad fan motor, bad fan wire or bad wire to the Bullet. Hopefully it’s an easy fix because I can’t really roast without being able to cool the roast.

You can try taking off the cover under the bullet and check that the connector to the PCB is fully inserted and has not come loose during shipment.

If you have a Multi-meter you can also check the connector to the fan inside the cooling tray. Pull the plastic connector apart and measure on the pins. There should be 24V between the Black and Red wire.

Thanks Jacob,

I just checked the connector on the PCB and it was fully inserted. I checked the voltage on the pin connector and it was getting power; it was fluctuating up and down and was between 10-18 vdc. I checked the red and black wires and it read 20vdc

There isn’t a red wire on the side going to the connector on the roaster, only on the fan side. It’s blue to blue, brown to black and black to red.

I went back and rechecked everything. The connector is fully seated on the PCB. The connector wires on the bottom plate look to be ok. I turned on the machine and checked the fan connector with a multimeter on every wire. I would get fluctuating voltage from 0-10 on brown/black which connects to black/red. I don’t know what else to try and I can’t use the roaster without a means to cool the beans. @Jacob, do you have anymore ideas on what could be the problem?

Have you tried contacting support through the Aillio site yet?

Yes, two days ago. I have only heard from Jacob in this thread.

Thanks Matt for helping me solve this issue. The roaster is working just fine now. :grinning:

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you told us what the problem was and then how you resolved it? Someone else may experience the same problem and therefore answer the question at hand. Thank you, Larry


Hey Wayne, it will be great if you can share how did you solve this problem!
My cooling box fan doesn’t work while cooling at all.
But when preheating, the fan turns a little bit.


After submitting the issue to Aillio, Sweet Maria’s sent me a new fan, wire from the Bullet to the cooling box, and a new wire from the drop panel to the pcb. I think you might find that one of the pins on the connectors is loose. The most likely culprit is the connector to the pcb. Disconnect it an push those pins in as hard as you can, then carefully plug it back in and try not to stretch it when you put the cover back on. Then check all of the other fan connectors as well. If that doesn’t work you need new wiring like I got. Cheers.

Thank you so much for the advice! cheers mate~

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