Cooling fan filter getting chewed up in cooling fan

HI All,

The cooling fan filter is getting sucked into the cooling fan - and thus getting chewed up - when I drop the bean at the end of the roast. This is a new unit, and after the seasoning roasts, it’s happened on my last two roast. I’ve roasted a total of four roasts so far.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so, what’s the resolution?



Take a look at this thread for some hacks:

A search through the forums here you’ll find various hacks for various situations :slight_smile:

It seems that this is a general problem for a lot of people?
Mine came with a thread installed so I thought that this was standart on new machines…?

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I have a V2 and I did install a guard (as shown in the post #3 of that thread with the Amazon link) to maintain some separation between the filter and the fan to be safe.

Thanks all. This is really helpful. I’ll check out the fan grill from amazon.

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Had that happen as well. You’re not alone :wink: I 3D printed a screen now to solve that issue. IMO, Aillio should provide a simple plastic housing for the filter that would prevent this issue for existing owners. In the least regard, provide one as a low-cost solution, while including it with all future Bullets. When it happened to me, it was hideous (the sound) and I was not sure what happened at first and the beans that I took into 2C, sat there overheating in the tray. I pulled the cooling tray out to hand vac it from the bottom, but that’s when I saw the filter had completely jammed / stopped the fan. Since I 3D printed the Aillio .stl for the cooling tray exhaust and had ducking connected, I just pulled the filter out entirely to cool and complete the roast. Not cool ← pun regretfully intended. :stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s with me taking care to clean the filter each roast and flip it around from time to time, making sure it’s seated well. I probably only had 30 roasts on that filter. Had it been in a frame (kinda like a lawn mower filter), that would have never happened.

Hey Blacklabs. Just wanted to let you know that I just installed the fan grill that you posted. Fits and works perfectly. Quick and inexpensive fix! Thanks!

:+1:t3: I can’t take credit. In the other thread it was someone who posted that link. I agree it worked very well and fits perfectly :slight_smile:

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Gutter screen. Cut to 3 1/4 x 4 1/4, with tiny diagonal at bottom. Fits perfectly into slot in front of fan. Use floor vent filter cut to size. I usually double it . Just a few bucks and you have enough screen for a dozen, though I think the one will last indefinitely.


Here’s my solution - I made it from bent household electric wire, but coat hangers would also work:

I’ve cleaned the cooler (a few times) since this photo was taken.