Couldn't change power when A-02 active?

Ran into an odd situation where the A-02 alert went off, and while it was active, I couldn’t change the power, either through RoasTime or by using the front panel button. Hitting the temp sensor toggle button at the upper left of the front panel cleared the alarm and after that I could make my power adjustment.

Has anyone else run into that? Not a big deal, but I don’t recall that ever happening to me before.

Not for me… when it went off today I just hit the F1 to clear it but then It wasn’t time for me to change power at that point. I now try to make it a point to use the buttons on the face panel to change P and F after FC especially just to avoid the damn A-02 going off (it annoys me! :laughing: and sometimes wakes my pooch up)

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