Creating a recipe

I noticed with the latest version of RoasTime you can create recipes. I tried to do this from a previous roast. I loaded up the roast, and started to create triggers based on the events in the last roast.

I got what I thought was a good recipe, and I created a name.

Then I tried to play it back, and this is where I’m stuck. How do you do that?

I tried having RoasTime start roasting from the screen that shows the details of the recipe. I tried preheating the drum and dropping the beans and switching to the recipe screen and clicking ‘roast’.

I’m probably missing something obvious.

When you say “latest” - which one ? Where do you see the recipes thing ? I’m missing something REALLY obvious :wink:

Sorry, I should have clarified.

2.2.1 Alpha.

Here is a screenshot of where it is: it looks like a chef’s hat.

Hmm, just noticed that 2.3.0 just got published 3 minutes ago:

You were running an alpha so I wouldn’t expect all the wiring to be working as desired…

I have been running 2.2.0 release since Beta so maybe 2.3 Beta will have fixed the Danish Chef :wink:

It looks like the 2.3 Beta has an option to run a recipe then I guess once you hit preheat you are on your way.

I know this is a Beta so maybe not yet implemented but

  • I’d hope to be able to delete recipes
  • I would like to “copy” a recipe to make small alterations making a new without starting from scratch
  • don’t see how you take a previous roast profile into the recipe creator…

This looks great stuff though Allio coding wizards!

PS - Could we get that opt out of sharing roast profiles control soon ? I don’t fundamentally mind the cloud having copies but worried someone might sue me for a dud profile for lost beans because my settings made their coffee beans into crap :wink:

To add to the list of comments on RT 2.3.0 alpha-

  • Changing the charts from °C to °F causes a change in the scaling but it appears the °F are off by about 2:1, i.e. what is labeled as 100°F is probably 200°F
  • Clicking Update in Setup appears to have no effect (no indication the change was accepted) even though the scaling does actually change
  • Charts setting for Light/Dark also appear unresponsive but like °C/°F it also changes. Other items in Setup have an animation indicating the Update was received and executed.
  • The issue of misalignment between mouse pointer and the dots on the temp curves on Windows screens is still scaled incorrectly, i.e. the mouse advances along the X-axis faster than the markers on the temp curves. Looks very much like a different pitch is being used for each.
  • I haven’t roasted yet with RT 2.3.0 alpha, but I suspect this scaling error still affects the placement of Control Settings events, i.e. the placement of the event is further to the right than the associated temp data (that was the case on RT 2.2.0 prod). That effectively creates a timing error when using a previous roast as an overlay.

That’s just a quick look without the roaster being connected/running.

Btw, launching the just-downloaded software package from Windows Explorer caused RT 2.3.0 alpha to install without any indication the installation was going on… no dialog boxes. The first indication the installation had happened was when RT launched (do you use the Windows Installer tool?).


2.3.0 Beta is now available

We’ll be pushing more updates for the recipe creator in the coming days/ weeks. :facepunch:


Stuart is spot-on with the roast profile sharing comment. It is just wrong for RoasTime (when logged-in) to automatically post a roast profile that the user has not cupped and that may be a poor roast profile to share. We should have an option or button in RoasTime that allows the user to decide what is posted to the cloud.

This is the main reason that I do not do my roasts on-line when in RoasTime. Being offline prevents the user from having access to their Bean data which is another design issue that needs to be addressed. This could all be solved by implementing user-controlled profile posts to the cloud. That way, we all could be online and take advantage of the other database features (such as Bean data).

PS: The new “Recipe” capability is very interesting. Aillio is certainly working to break a few barriers with innovations. :vulcan_salute: