Dashboard shows wrong number of roasts (past month)

Hi there, today I figured out that the number of roasts for past month shows more than I have actually roasted. Does somebody has the same issue? thx, Danito

Yeah, something odd going on there. R.W says you’re supposed to have 136 roasts but I only see 3 when I drill down. And they contain no data. Need some help from @derrxb … ??


Edit- I left a note for Derrick but I believe they’re having a meeting this week and it may be awhile before he gets it.

Hey @danitobqf4,

Can you let me know the total numbers of roasts that’s showing for the past month vs how much should actually be showing? This will help with debugging the cause of this.


Hi. It says 64 in the dashboard but I roasted 58 times in November so far.
Thx, Danito

Hi Derrick, an news regarding the wrong calculation of roasts? thx, Daniel