Deadman what button

Can I press any button to stop the deadman, my deadman no longer makes a sound but it will shut it down!

Per the user manual: “Press any key on the keypad and the alarm will stop.”

I usually hit something other than the PRS button. I’ve accidentally went into cooling mode when I thought I was responding to the deadman switch.

F1 or F2 are nice buttons that shouldn’t mess up a roast if you hit them at the wrong time.

Echoing the above post!! I think I accidentally pressed PRS twice, and went into cooling mode. Now I consciously avoid that button. Any other button seems fine, but avoid PRS

Don’t press F1 as it marks “FC” - I use F2


I always use one of the top 2 buttons on the left next to the temps.

Totally. Found that out the hard way about a month ago when I thought it was doing it via some automation. LOL