How about a LOUD deadman alarm !!! I lost count of the batches that have screwed up because of the inaudible beep that is used.
It would be good even if it said charge again, as loud as the first charge.

Please don’t, I‘m so happy having left the beeps of my former Hottop behind.
Since I do always actively managed roasts, I don’t need or want to have that annoying noise anymore.


I never have any problem hearing mine. Do you have the volume turned down? See step 2 below.

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It is still there you just don’t here it, if you are pressing buttons all the time, it will be canceled.
Sound is up all the way.

I wonder if you might have a defective speaker? FWIW my SOU is set to 2 and it is plenty loud for me when it says “CHARGE” or the A-02 alarm goes off. :slight_smile:

When it says charge I can hear it.

The deadman switch does not use the speaker, it uses the buzzer which is always the same volume. It will still beep, even if you turn off the sound.


Yes, it is there, but not as annoying as a loud beep that disturbs the whole family even in the next room.

How about making it LOUDER so we ( we the old farts ) can hear it!

There could be be a problem with your roaster contact Aillio support and start a trouble ticket.


Did that waiting!