Decaf Success Tales - Please share yours!

I’ve recently been turned on to Decaf beans as I’ve heard that what used to be a mostly chemical process has now come into the modern era with chemical-free caffeine stripping which has me excited to play with decaf coffee for a dessert-centric flavor I’m planning to play with - Whiskey Barrel Aged; to be particular.

For those of you who have been roasting up delicious Decaf beans; please share what have been your favorites, tips and tricks when working on a decaf bean versus regular beans and any other notes that you would like to note.

Thanks in advance!

Hang on… you mean the greens was aged in whiskey barrels or were you going to age after roasting? :upside_down_face:

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I’m going to experiment; eventually, in all the ways I can dream up.

Keep us posted with your experimentations! I don’t know where you live but I hope you’re near enough to a distillery to get used bourbon/whiskey barrels without incurring much transport cost. I have read about bourbon barrel aged coffee just never had them before.

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I sometimes have a hard time hearing 1st Crack on regular bean, and for decaf it’s virtually impossible. My recommendation is to keep a very close watch on things especially toward the end of the roast. I prefer a medium roast but about half the time I end up darker than I’d like.