Delta Temp - what is it?

Hello peeps, I hope you are all well and omicron free…

On the RoastWorld graphs, there is an entry for “Delta Temp” but I have not been able to find any info on what that means.

Also “Exit Temp” - it shows 0 on the roast I have just done, I’d have thought that was the same thing as the END IBTS temp?


Delta Temp is the change/increase in temperature after you mark FC. Meanwhile, in some test (I think) units there is an additional probe installed that measures exit temp. This for us is not functional but may become a standard feature in the future.

Ah, thanks.

I reckon instead of Delta Temp it would be far more useful to have a running display of the development time as a % of the roast, as I think some other software does… very useful if you care about that… it’s hard to do it manually when there’s very little time at the end of a roast and you don’t want to drop at the wrong moment…

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Talking about “Delta Temp”…I find it is easier by using the probe readout to calculate that delta and making the decision to finish my roast. In my light roast, sometimes the FC to finish is just about 50 seconds. The IBTS delta is just 0.8°C, however the Bean Temp (using the probe) delta is ~4°C. So I tend to use the probe readout to decide when should I drop the beans between lots.

This is already there. DV % shows percentage dev time after FC

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Hi Jacob,
yes, I don’t know why I have NEVER seen that!
Probably didn’t know what it was at first, and now I need it, it wasn’t there!!
Thanks, glad it is…

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