Desktop Cooling Tray for Coffee Beans

Hello community, has anyone used the cooler produced in Taiwan called `Desktop Cooling Tray for Coffee Beans’? I want to have some feedback. Thank you

Hi. I’ve had this cooler tray for a few years now. It is a truly amazing piece of equipment. Let me tell you this is a 304 stainless handmade work of art. Cleans most of he chaff away while cooling the beans down quickly. I clean the machine’s filter area after 15-30 roast,That is a big time saver. Absolutely !00% more efficient than the factory cooler in many different ways. It’s pricey yes, but you will thank me when you use one .

Here is a few photos of the cooler. I added the cooling fan to help the cooling process(doesn’t really need it). The fan blows the excess chaff off quite nicely. The Tupperware lid( 12" to the sealing groove) I found on Ebay. This helps keep the cooler nice and clean inside while idle.

What is the price for this?

A few years ago I think is was about $800.
Email him at [email protected]
to get the current price with shipping. He is a nice guy and will get back to you quickly.

Thanks Steve

Thank you Steve for you kind reply :slight_smile: