Development Time Counter (EXISTS ALREADY)

EDIT: This feature already exists… so please ignore.

Hello folks,

I think this feature would be VERY useful and pretty simple to implement…
Many of us end our roasts based on a development time percentage of the whole roast. I have a timer I bought on Android Play Store to do this, but it’s a pain. Towards the end of the roast, there is a bit of stress (with me) managing crashes and flicks etc… so I don’t have the presence of mind to be opening an app on my phone and triggering it MANUALLY at FC when I have already done that on the Roastime software… It would be SO good to have Roastime begin a % of the whole roast counter as soon as you press FC button, and maybe even have the mystery voice read out the % as it goes up and up.

PLEASE guys, that would be really good.

Maybe I’m missing your request but RT does start counting time and percentage since FC once marked…


Good grief, I have never seen that!! Thanks.

I should have watched this excellent tutorial, though I knew it all already!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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