Difference in Temps

Hey everyone!
I am completely new to the roasting world and super excited to learn more. So bear with me as this may come off as a silly question!
One of my biggest struggles I’m having right now is deciphering between the bean temp and IBTS temp. The way I have been reading and recording things is based mainly off of the bean temp. Is that correct? Any explanations of the differences in temps and what/how I should be relating the two would be so greatly appreciated! Any and all tips/tricks are welcome!
Thanks in advance!

bean uses the probe. ibits uses the IR sensor and will look at the bean mass. it’s a personal preference thing. in small batches the tip of the probe is measuring the beans which hit it. whereas the ir is measuring the mass (and the drum). Hope this helps

Here’s an article from Aillio that explains it in detail. I found this quite helpful when I was trying to understand this same thing several months ago.


Happy Roasting!