Disable info popups?

Is there already a way to disable info popups in RoasTime?

If so, where do I find that setting?

If not, can there be? They get in the way of my workflow when doing back to back roasts.

Hey @retsofekaj6pa9,

What pop-ups are you referring to in RoasTime? Sharing some screenshots would help in answering this question better.


I’ll snag some screenshots next time I roast.

I’m talking about the ones in the upper right, off white panel that says things like

“Roast in progress, click here to view roast”

“Click here to view previous roast”

They cover the force sync and Go to Roast buttons.

Top right of this screenshot. The messages change in different context, and none are helpful anymore. They also block UI buttons until I close them, but they reappear if I navigate away and back to viewing my last roasts.

Edit: removed email from pic

Hey @retsofekaj6pa9,

Unfortunately, I think you might be using RT v2 or RT v3. We don’t have plans to add additional changes to those versions as we made significant architectural changes in the latest version RT 4.

Would you be interested in trying RoasTime v4? https://roastime4.aillio.com/


I sure would, thank you for the link!