Disconnected. again

In February I did about 8 back-to-back roasts using RT 4.6.26 on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro. Today for the life of me I could not get the Bullet to connect. So I did 8 more roasts without benefit of software (which was actually pretty enjoyable).

Tried a few more times to connect after all the roasting was done (all the usual stuff: rebooting Mac, shutting Bullet down and starting it up again (unplug/replug), disconnecting/reconnecting USB cable (which I hate doing at the Bullet end; lousy fit). I even tried a bunch of other USB cables, in case my old faithful had somehow conked out.

No dice. Finally I opened an old copy of RT 3.4.1. And got connected right away. So tired of this. And of searching endlessly through old posts that include “disconnected.”

Are you still in the beta cohort? We have an upgraded libusb version out for the beta cohort right now and maybe it is causing issues for your machine (which is quite dated). Willing to jump on a call to debug. Or if you are in beta, we can try switching you back to prod and see if that resolves your issue.

FYI - I saw you are still in the beta cohort. I changed you to prod. Your dependencies should downgrade. Let me know if you are still encountering this issue after that happens.

Odd, I thought I’d replied to this. Thank you; I will give it a try asap and let you know!

Fired it up, still no joy with the new RT. But. RT 3.4.1 connects immediately still. It tells me my Bullet is running 591 firmware. An April post by Jacob says there is no point in older Bullets updating past 591, so unless I hear otherwise, I’m avoiding 613. Have had great unpleasantness trying to do FW updates in the past.

I forget your username on the slack. Can you DM me?