Disconnecting from laptop

I recently got a new laptop (Mac) after my old one died (Dell). I downloaded roast time and signed into my roast world account, there is about a year of roasts that weren’t saved to my account for some reason? I can see that there is a firmware update that I can attempt, but every time I click to download it, the roaster just disconnects from roast time? I do not understand what is going on? Any help?

Are any of your profiles being downloaded?
I see 90 roasts on Roast.world

I have clicked sync on my old laptop multiple times but they are not downloading any of my roasts from the past year

Hey, can you clarify some things:

  1. Your roasts are not on your old laptop or new (or both)? I see 90 roasts on RW and a lot are from this year.
  2. What version of RT are you using? (RT4 has no sync button)
  3. It is normal for your Bullet to temporarily disconnect during a F/W update. Dos it stay disconnected?

You shouldn’t need to do anything with your old laptop. Your roasts seem to already be on RW which would then sync to your new one when you login. Can you try re-logging in?

I was having the same problem like you do when upgrading the firmware ,The solution of this is very easy ,Use your Mac laptop to download rt 3 not the latest one(which is rt4)
use that legacy version of the software to do the upgrading you will be successful
After that you switch back the brand new application on your laptop I you back on track
Even though I solved the problem I am still thinking of the aillio has to Fix this problem I don’t get it either Why the brand new roast time Cannot upgrade the bullet