Display changes after installing IBTS/beta firmware 475

Just roasted for the first time after installing the IBTS and updating to the beta firmware. Seems that some changes were made regarding what is displayed. I’d like to get confirmation of what I think is occurring:

  1. Preheating both the Drum Temp and the Bean temp are displayed with the Drum temp showing a higher temp so I assume it’s the new IBTS. Since this is the temp you manipulate to set the preheat temp that makes sense. Not sure if the Bean temp displayed is from the probe, but I’m guessing it is.
  2. After charging the Bean temp section shows two temps, depending on if the “X light” is lit. You toggle X light using the A button.
    2.1 With the X light ON, the temp is lower so I’m guessing this is the bean probe temp?
    2.2 With the X light OFF, the temp is higher so I’m guessing this is the new IBTS temp
  3. After charging the Drum Temp always displays RoR
    3.1 The B button does not seem to do anything.

I’m doing this from memory so I hope I don’t have things backwards, but can someone confirm or give me a different view? Also, supposedly the IBTS “does both bean and drum temps” so perhaps something else is going on?

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  1. Correct
  2. Incorrect. With the light ON it is using the IBTS - default after going to roast mode. With the light Off you see the classic bean probe.
    In the beginning of the roast the IBTS will be lower than the probe as it starts from about 25 deg C but the probe is still very hot. After a few minutes you will see the IBTS being hotter than the probe.
  3. Correct

2 Incorrect. With the light ON it is using the IBTS - default after going to roast mode. With the light Off you see the classic bean probe.

Question with IBTS Kit one has 2 Bean probes? the one wih the glass and new one

or you mean the one in the drum for drum temp?

another question about new sensors PH and temp reading

are the old profiles useless regarding the temperature ?

TP would be much higher and profile compete different?

Mine should come next week just wondering…

Thanks Jacob.
I was writing this from memory so I guess I got it backwards. I did notice that the Light defaults to ON when roasting starts. One issue I know you are working on but is a bit frustrating is that the RoasTime data on the roast, specifically the marked points (Yellowing, FC, End roast, etc.) all use the “old” probe temps that are still coming through as the “bean” temp. Yes, it allows for comparisons at the moment, but I’m ready to move on :wink:

@Kurt I don’t think old profiles are useless, as you still have the bean probe with which you can compare data. There is no turning point with the IBTS.
@sharkez we are working on this, but it will be a little while until everything will reflect the new IBTS,

What’s the story on button B with firmware 475? in roast mode it turns on the LED but doesn’t appear to do anything else, and pressing B again doesn’t turn the LED back off. (hitting button A twice will clear the LED for button B as well).

When you have the IBTS then the B button has no function during roasting.
It will be able to toggle between bean probe ROR and IBTS ROR in the future.