Display Off & Roaster Beeping

Had a bit of a scare today when I plugged my r1v2 in, the screen did not turn on and it beeped until I unplugged it. I tried a three times, then plugged in a USB cable to see if I could get any error codes on Roastime but the fourth time it just worked. Any idea what the cause is?

There are probably many explanations, but I had a similar though brief experience (went away after one power cycle but came back later with the display working) with my V1.5 when I started having issues with the IBTS fan. I can only guess, but that guess is that the suspected fan wasn’t coming up to the minimum speed necessary to meet the f/w criteria for safe IBTS operation at the time the Bullet booted up.

There are likely several conditions that can explain what happened to your roaster, but pay attention to the Info panel and IBTS Fan Speed. Mine would vary between about 5,xxx rpm (Preheat) to 10,xxx-15,xxx rpm while roasting. Speed is supposed to be relatively constant but mine varied so much I’ve always assumed there was speed control built in. (there isn’t).


I’ll check when I roast later today, but if that’s the issue what’s the solution?

Replace the fan… if that’s the issue.

I opened a ticket on Aillio.com (Support) and got some feedback there. They sent me to Sweet Maria’s for the replacement fan. You should be able to go to your supplier directly, do the trouble shooting with tbeir tech and get the part.

There is a strange buzzing coming from the control panel that I don’t remember. The noise stops when I start roasting.

Haven’t a clue what the buzzing could be but it sounds like you need some input from Aillio’s Help desk.

What f/w version? The current beta is 540 which I think has the time delay in it for ErC 6864 (and other) failures to stop the Bullet from throwing intermittent ErC’s though buzzing is probably not related to intermittent ErC’s.


Could the buzzing be from the IBTS Fan?

Yes, it sounds like the fan. It stops once I start roasting and the fan speed increases.