Documentation/certifications for latest version

Hey folks, just checking in. I was wondering what sort of documentation and certifications are available for this latest batch of bullets. I am trying to work with my Fire Marshall to start the process of a super small operation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

There are no certifications as of yet. It is ongoing.

Jacob, thanks for the response. Do you have any sort of a time frame I can plan to work with, and what the certification may end up being? In the meantime I guess the manual may be helpful to the FM. Thanks -Marc

We are working on CB and CE certifications first. I am not sure if this helps you in any way. But if there are some requirements that they ask for you can tell us.

Ok, I will know sometime next week. unfortunately I think a lot of what they will want to know is how to properly vent the unit to the outdoors. Any recommendations on that part of how to approach it wit them? Thanks -ac

Not than what is described in the manual.
There are a lot of different ways to go about it. The Aillio Bullet R1 user group has a lot of people sharing the venting solutions.