Does roasting chaffy naturals B2B trigger a P0 error

Like a few others, I have been facing a P0 error from time to time. Have gone through a long support thread with Aillio but there have been no clear answers or solutions. I was roasting two 1 KG lots of naturals back to back last evening. There was quite a bit of chaff to contend with. At the end of the 2nd roast (third overall), I got a P0 error. It got me thinking whether the P0 was being initiated as a result of poor airflow due to the 1KG load and the excessive chaff being produced by the naturals.

Has anyone had airflow issues roasting naturals in the past?

Definitely. My chaff collector got so hot the rubber seal softened and the chaff filter got pulled into the exhaust fan. Stopped the fan which gave me the associated ErC. That was sometime in 2019. Then right after that I saw the suggestion from Julio at Sweet Maria’s to vacuum between batches of high-chaff beans. I was concerned with affecting temps, but if I do it right after dropping the roasted beans I seems to be ok. In the end I decided to use the vacuum after every roast which I’ve now done for over a year.


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I handled it by acquiring a second chaff collector kit (purchased from SM). I can swap the kit out doing B2B roasts in seconds, then spend more time vacuuming/cleaning the kit while the next roast was going. My goal was to have the same amount of CFM of air moving at a given fan speed from roast to roast.


Looks like this is what I should be doing too. Thanks!