Does RoastTime playback V2 use time, or bean temp?

Does v2 playback only work on time? If so, is there a bean temp feature in the works?

Also, the new firmware seems to have messed with Artisan communicating with the Bullet. Anyone successfully using Artisan on a mac with firmware 448?

Bummed that I have to run manually, the external temp/humidity changes a lot where I am and roasting by bean temp works better for me



It works on time right now, but we plan on doing a lot of cool stuff with this based on temperature and even using some machine learning elements to make more consistent roasts.

any idea if temp based will be implemented soon?

Very cool with the machine learning!!! I work with predictive analytics where I work… I’ve been waiting for ML to be applied to roasting. I’m interested to see where that will go (which variables will be considered in the algorithms- i.e. extermal temp, humidity). Thank you for the reply!!

Still no roasting by temp?

It is one of the features that we are actively working on, so you can expect this somewhat after the release of V 2.0.9,

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